Follow me blindly


*Follow me Blindly* is a gadget that was developed specifically for the purpose of clicking the Like button on social media platforms such as Instagram. It consists of a motorized stylus and a camera that constantly scans the device’s contact surface for Like buttons. Once a post has been liked, the machine begins to “swipe.” A continuous working rhythm is created, which transfers the redundant use of the platform into machine-controlled vehemence and accompanies it acoustically.

At the same time, the absence of a user, whose presence should be considered the basic principle of a social media platform, becomes apparent. Instead, the machine becomes a worker, a clickworker that generates interactions – a digital currency that gives the respective account more visibility.

It is also crucial to note that *Follow me Blindly* is not a software bot, but a much more elaborately manufactured machine. Due to the analog control of the smartphone, the algorithm of the respective platform can hardly distinguish the operation of the machine from that of a human.

And yet, on the part of the recipients of the Likes, the presumption exists that each of the interactions is sincere recognition. The machine corrupts this basic idea and hacks into the system of the economy of attention.

*Follow me Blindly* is the first device of a sequence of tools that are to be developed in the future. This body of work will be called *Tools of Silent Disobedience* that all embody the power to corrupt everyday life systems with it’s own working principles.