The performance “Feeding” addresses the question of the extent to which the anonymisation of online delivery companies extends to social encounters. The ordering process is largely virtual for users: virtual restaurants, virtual reviews, virtual menus, virtual payment process.
The suppliers are the unavoidable manual component in the supply chain, through which a de-virtualisation of the product takes place. At the same time, they carry the name of the platform through the streets as advertising media.

The precarious working conditions that repeatedly come to light and the corruption of organisational structures by middlemen regularly bear witness to an exploitative field of activity. A field of activity that is probably regarded as superfluous and devalued by companies and all too often also by customers. It is only logical that this necessary real-life encounter at the end of every order is seen as an unimportant exception to the otherwise pleasant virtuality. How serious can virtual problems be?

Together with three dancers, guests at the Kreuzberg Pavilion experienced a kind of ritual healing from anonymisation by being delivered something that no one had ordered but everyone deserved.

Juan Corres Benito
Sylvana Seddig
Jeanna Serikbayeva
Lukas Zerbst

Photos by
Joe Clark