The other day I imagined myself as a disobedient child

A composition for space, 1000 rubber balls and a handful of musicians by Lukas Zerbst and Max Andrzejewski.

Rubber balls are used here as mallet tools and play a partly rhythmically harmonious, partly cacophonous composition with elements from the space. A flummi ball throwing machine throws hundreds of flummis at the sound bodies at the same time, before the audience can finally become part of the composition by throwing rubber balls themselves.

In this seemingly prevailing anarchy, a safe space for chaos, lies on the one hand the moment of becoming part of the game as a thrower. However, the moment when real musicians come on stage to play / sing a note as soon as they are hit by the thrown objects, the situation changes. The performance rubs up against narratives of childlike play and violent disobedience.

Produced in the STOP OVER residency of the centre Under Construction in February 2024 for the Alte Münze, Berlin.

Zola Mennenöh
Grgur Saric
Dan Peter Sundland
Brad Henkel

Henry Schulz